Remembering Retired Trooper David L. Green

This past Saturday, Retired Trooper David L. Green, passed away after he heroically confronted the man who went on a rampage in Winthrop. The man had stolen a truck and rammed it into a building. It is presumed the crash caused Green to go outside after he had been alerted of a dangerous individual in the area. Never one to shy away from helping people, he went toward danger, where he, along with another woman, were fatally shot.

Monday evening, around 18:00 hours, Retired Trooper Green was taken from the Medical Examiner’s Officer after autopsy to a funeral home in Winthrop. The street was lined with Boston Police, State Police, BU and Northeastern Police, Transit Police, Boston Fire, and Quincy PD among other state agencies wishing to pay their respects.

His brother described him as having a unique ability to talk to people. He was known in his community as someone who was always willing to help a friend or neighbor, and he cared for his parents up until their passing. He said, “that’s the type of person he was, all the time, all throughout his life”. This was echoed by his friend, Nick Tsiotis, who had spoken to him earlier that day. He said, “I had this feeling that if anyone was going to intervene and run right into the chaos it would be Dave to try to help save other people’s lives”. Trooper Green will certainly be remembered for his service and the sacrifices he made to help others.

Colonel Christopher Mason, of the Massachusetts State Police, issued the following statement after Green’s death: “The families of two innocent bystanders today are mourning the killing of their loved ones by the assailant in Winthrop yesterday. We at the Massachusetts State Police are also mourning the loss of a member of our family. The victim who was murdered outside his Beach Road home, David L. Green, was a retired MSP Trooper who had an honorable 36-year career in law enforcement”.