19-Year-Old Dead After Drowning at Pleasure Bay In south Boston

At approximately 13:30 hours Thursday, multiple first responder agencies were called to Pleasure Bay for reports of two brothers who had went swimming in the water and were in need of rescue.

A group of four friends had been in the water earlier, when lifeguards blew their whistles, gesturing them to swim closer to shore. Witnesses reported hearing chilling screams coming from the water, stating that from the sounds of the screams “you knew something wasn’t right”.

Dive teams from Boston Police, Boston Fire, and Massachusetts State Police immediately began the water rescue, rescuing one of the brothers shortly after beginning their rescue mission, the other going unfound for hours.

Sadly, the rescue mission began to look more like a recovery mission. It was more than 5 hours after the initial search right as sun began to set and was going to be called off, the use of side-sonar rescuers began to zone in on a possible target area.

Teams on rafts moved about the bay looking for the swimmer, divers scoured the bottom and MSP and USCG helicopters were used to search from the air. Friends, family, and witnesses held out hope until right before 19:30 hours, when their fear was confirmed.

The brothers were said to be strong swimmers – reportedly having swam in Pleasure Bay for the past five or so days. Police now believe that the 19-year old swimmer may have had a seizure while swimming across the bay. This marks more than two dozen drownings in Massachusetts so far in this first half of the year.

Police are urgings swimmers to know their limits when they are in the water. As the search began to wrap-up rescuers with the State Police lost hope of any rest as the calls began to come in of another drowning in Hingham.