Fourth of July Fireworks Success for City’s First Responders

Thank you to 617 Images who partnered with us to cover the photography of the event!

Unlike last year, the pandemic didn’t stop this year’s Independence Day celebrations, with downtown teaming with people celebrating their patriotism and appreciation for their country.

The fireworks returned to Boston, but this time on the Common, bringing higher foot and vehicle traffic to the downtown area. There was a larger crowd than originally anticipated due to touch and go weather conditions, however incidents remained few and far between, with Park Rangers with BPD, BFD, and BEMS responding to only a handful of incidents during the event.

Throughout the night only a few issues arose, including a woman who suffered a seizure and a man who reportedly sustained an eye injury. It has been unconfirmed if these incidents required transport, but Boston EMS was there to provide aid to those individuals and were on standby for any developing incidents. Everyone was able to celebrate safely and responsibly, with no more serious incidents being reported in connection with the fireworks show.