BFD and BEMS Take Part in Multi-Agency Drill at Forest Hills MBTA Station

This past Sunday, the Boston Fire Department teamed up with Boston EMS, Transit Police, and the Department of Transportation to conduct a training exercise at the Forest Hills MBTA station to enhance the preparedness of our city’s first responders in the event of a real emergency.

The training exercise simulated a derailed MBTA train that was on fire with injured passengers. Agencies worked together to safely extinguish the fire, extract injured persons, and practice deescalating the chaos involved in what would be a stressful situation for both first responders and individuals that would be in danger.

The training exercise closely simulated what would be a real life situation, with smoke seen coming up through the doors of the derailed MBTA Orange Line train and the equipment present to rescue someone if needed.

Training drills like this are important exercises that keep our first responders prepared to handle any situation, and most importantly are great tools to get multiple agencies throughout the city together to work together in scenarios that aren’t seen every day.