Reckless Driver Causes crash of Boston Police Cruiser

One Boston police officer and three other people were hurt Tuesday after a Boston Police Cruiser with lights and sirens on was cut off by a reckless driver on Massachusetts Ave in Roxbury. The crash left the officer’s cruiser pinned under a tractor-trailer and another SUV badly damaged in the middle of a the road.

The crash occurred around 13:30 hours near the intersection of Mass. Ave. and Clapp Street. The entire area was closed to traffic for almost two hours while the Officer was rescued and the incident investigated.

Although still too early in the investigation to officially determine the cause of the crash, sources we spoke with tell us it seems as if the driver of the Black SUV was on their phone or otherwise distracted when they cut off the responding cruiser in an attempt to make a U-Turn across the double yellow lines.

The Boston Police Department has confirmed only that the officer was responding to a call about a person with a firearm. On the way, the cruiser collided with a black SUV, and then lost control, striking the tractor-trailer.  The SUV came to a stop perpendicular to the flow of traffic, next to the tractor-trailer. The nose of the damaged Boston police cruiser was pinned under the rear of that tractor-trailer.

Some of the occupants of the at fault SUV, had minor injuries and were treated for such. Miraculously the Officer who was transported to a local area Hosptial after a lengthy extrication, was released later that night with only some cuts and bruises.

Police said the original call about a person with a firearm was later determined to be an emotionally disturbed person with a pellet gun. None of the injuries sustained in the crash were life-threatening, police said. As always this is a good reminder of the dangers of the road especially from reckless and distracted drivers, when you see emergency lights or hear sirens please, pull over, and not cause an accident like this SUV.