Family of Jeanica Julce Still Seeking Answers as No Charges Filed in Fatal Boat Crash

The fatal boat crash last weekend that took the life of 27-year-old Jeanica Julce, is still currently under investigation according to the Boston Police Department; however family members and friends we spoke to are upset with what they feel is too slow and too little action.

One family member, who requested to remain unnamed, said, “how is it I know who was driving, that I know they was drunk, that I know who’s fault it is, yet they still free!”. They went on to identify the owner and operator of the boat as a well known New Hampshire business man, Ryan Denver.

Denver was seen in images taken the night of the wreck in a blood covered ‘Dior’ shirt, before refusing medial care and quickly leaving the scene. According to some familiar with the boat, called the “Make It Go Away”, it was a popular after party spot for Denver and his friends including some of his employees.

Records show that Denver owns a number of companies, his crown jewel being Select Demo Services, out of New Hampshire. He even graced the cover of Boss Magazine, wearing the same gaudy gold chain that he wore when he allegedly crashed the boat into a day marker killing Julce.

The family simply wants justice for the tragic event that resulted in the loss of their loved one, and for the individual responsible to be held accountable, as there have still been no charges or formal ruling on the investigation of the crash. Our full recap of the incident can be found here: