Another Life Lost to Drowning Near BU Bridge

Shortly after 11:00 hours Wednesday morning, divers from the Boston Fire Department, Cambridge Fire Department, Boston EMS, and Massachusetts State Troopers received reports of someone in the water near the BU bridge on the Charles River.

The individual who made the call reported seeing a person that was struggling to stay afloat. Witnesses told first responders that they all witnessed the man thrashing around in the water. One witness didn’t think they could make it swimming, so attempted to take a boat out to rescue him. He went under and they lost sight of him in the water.

Even with the eye witness accounts of where he was last seen above water, the dive teams searched for roughly three hours before finally locating the man. He was found in approximately 10-12 feet of water and pronounced dead. Agencies have not released why the man was in the water in the first place, and he has yet to be identified.

Mark C.
Mark C.

Mark, aka @LibertyPhotographyUSA, is a skilled photographer who shoots both incident and other images though out New England. You can see more of his images by clicking the link below.