Violent Suspect Still At Large After YVSF & SWAT Raid Residence in Dorchester YestErday Evening

At approximately 19:00 hours last night, Massachusetts State Troopers and Boston Police Officers assigned to the Youth Violence Strike Force and Drug Control Unit followed a lead for a violent, dangerous suspect who was at large to a home in Dorchester.

They converged on an apartment in the area of Frederika Street and Ely Road in Adams Village, a quiet neighborhood within Dorchester. Officers were focused in on an SUV that had been the subject of an earlier BOLO that was found on Ely Road, as well as a two family home on Frederika Street. Officers suspected the fugitive was hiding in the residence. Additional units were called in to assist, and a perimeter was quickly set. From there the incident rapidly escalated. Residents were evacuated from their nearby homes, and those residents returning home were rerouted out of concern for their safety. Some neighbors were forced to wait out in the rain for almost four hours. Members of the SWAT Team began arriving as it was starting to get dark, and a Code 99, a term used when a subject is believed to be barricaded inside of a building, was initiated.

Members of the command staff and negotiators also responded to the scene, setting up a command post about a block away from the suspected residence. At least one woman, a child, and a dog were seen being escorted by heavily armed officers carrying ballistic shields away from the home that was the focus of Officers. As officers continued to try and gain entry armored rescue vehicles took position in front of the home, and within minutes the SWAT Team gained entry through the front door.

A thorough search of the residence was conducted by the SWAT Team before the house was frozen. The suspect was not located within the residence and is now still believed to be at large; however, Boston Police have been unable to confirm further details, citing that the investigation is ongoing. That was not enough for some neighbors who were visibly shaken and angrily voiced their frustration with the idea a possibly armed, violent fugitive could be on the loose in their backyards.

What we do know at this time is that numerous individuals were taken for questioning, at least three vehicles are being investigated in connection – with at least two of them towed to BPD Headquarters, and that the two family residence on Ely Street is still frozen pending a search warrant. We hope to gain further insight into the cause of the incident as it unfolds further today. Any further information released will be updated accordingly. As always, the Boston Police Department relies on the joint effort with community members to help them keep the city safe. Anyone wishing to assist is encouraged to do so by anonymously contacting the CrimeStoppers Tip Line at 1 (800) 494-TIPS or by texting the word ‘TIP’ to CRIME (27463).