MBTA Operator on Leave After Smashing into Stopped Trolley on the Green Line

Shortly after 18:00 hours on Friday, multiple first responder agencies including Transit Police, Boston Police, and Boston EMS, received calls and responded to the 900 block of Commonwealth Avenue near the Agganis Arena of Boston University for two Green Line MBTA trolleys that had collided.

The trains involved were both heading outbound when one trolley collided into another that was stopped at a red light. The one that had stopped all of a sudden jerked forward after being hit, and a few of the passengers that we spoke with said that at the time of the collision they were under the impression it was related to a mechanical failure until they realized that they had been hit by another trolley.

A total of 25 passengers sustained at least minor injuries as a result of the collision, with one individual slamming his head into a metal bar after the jolt, and others who had been seated or standing, all ending up on the floor. Boston EMS was on scene to evaluate injured passengers and transport any if necessary.

One of the trolleys was seen with a severely smashed in end with the windshield shattered. The Safety Dept. for the MBTS as well as the National Transportation Safety Board have joined forces for the investigation into Friday night’s incident. The trolley operator that was in charge of the trolley that hit the other has been placed on administrative leave as a result of the incident.