Another Gun Off the Street: Youth Violence Strike Force Makes Firearm Arrest in Dorchester

At about 10:09 pm on Sunday, August 3, 2021 Officers assigned to Youth Violence Strike Force (YVSF) made an onsite firearm arrest of Jarohn Lewis, 21, of Mattapan, following a traffic stop in the area of Helen Street and Talbot Avenue, in Dorchester.

While on patrol, Officers observed a Motor Vehicle operating on Talbot Avenue that had excessive window tint. Officers were able to affect a traffic stop in the area of Helen Street and Talbot Avenue. They approached the vehicle and asked the driver for identification. Officers additionally made observations that the passenger of the vehicle, Lewis, was not wearing a seatbelt and requested identification. A fanny pack style bag was observed to be wedged in between the seats. As Officers began to ask questions about the bag, Lewis became increasingly agitated.  For Officer’s Safety, Lewis was removed from the vehicle, and a pat frisk of the bag revealed a hard object consistent with the shape of a firearm.  Lewis was placed into custody without incident. 

The recovered firearm was a Glock 9×19 Model 17 Gen 4 with attached Laser sight, and had one live round in the chamber as well as four live rounds in the magazine. Jarohn Lewis is to be charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, Carrying a Loaded Firearm on a Public Way, and Seatbelt Violation. Lewis is expected to be arraigned in Dorchester District Court.