Body of Missing 19-Year-Old From Easton Found in Parking Garage

Monday morning, shortly after 03:30 hours, Boston Police Officers, Boston Firefighter, and Hazmat Teams responded to a parking garage located at 110 Huntington Avenue after calls for a strange odor coming from a vehicle.

First responders approached the vehicle and located who has now been identified as Jared Etienne, the 19-year-old boy from Easton who had been reported missing the previous Wednesday. Police had been on high alert after he had been flagged for chemicals he purchased from a nearby Home Depot, but they had been unable to locate him.

The area was shut down while the incident, that had become a Hazmat Level 3, was investigated and processed. Members of the JTTF task force were seen entering the garage even though BPD Officials said there was no threat and that it was a suicide. At this time the department has still not released any further information.

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