Hero Down – Team Shootout Challenge For Charity

From TacDynamics Training:

June 4th, 2021, was a day that rocked Law Enforcement across Massachusetts in two critical events where two heroes were killed in the line of duty, and two others injured. As a result of this tragic day, TacDynamics LE Training Group partnered with the Ridgeline Defense Training Team at state of the art Ridgeline Training Center in Dalton, NH to build a competitive, team-oriented, three-gun shooting competition to honor the families of the Officers involved in these tragedies and raise money for foundations in their honor.

In the morning of June 4th, Braintree Police Officers Bill Cushing, and partner K9 Kitt, with Officers Donoghue and Seibert entered a wooded area to search for an armed suspect following a domestic violence call. The officers were immediately ambushed by the suspect who opened fire. Cushing’s K9, Kitt, heroically charged the suspect, but was tragically killed in the firefight, in the process saving the lives of the three Officers. Officers Cushing and Donoghue suffered multiple gunshot wounds, which resulted in ongoing hospitalization and and years of physical therapy before they will even be able to consider coming back to the job.

The same day, five Worcester Police Officers responded to a local pond following calls for multiple children drowning. Officer Enmanuel “Manny” Familia along with four other officers selflessly and without regard for their own safety, entered the water to save several drowning teens. During the attempt, Officer Familia and a 14-year-old victim drowned. Officer Familia’s ultimate sacrifice, along with the actions of the other Worcester PD officers who entered the water, resulted in several lives saved.

In response to these incidents, TacDynamics LE Training Group decided to partner up with numerous Law Enforcement community supporters and sponsor and create the first annual ‘Hero Down: Shootout Challenge’. A total of twelve teams and nearly fifty competitors with backgrounds ranging from Law Enforcement, military, competitive shooters, and others participated in five different challenging shooting stages.

Some of these competitors came from local, state, and federal agencies throughout New England and even father. The event showcased individual and team shooting skills, highlighting participants’ abilities with handguns, rifles, and shotguns, and it also incorporated several team tasks that included team movement, addressing casualty care, officer down rescues and extractions, and vehicle-based shooting stages. 

This years ‘Hero Down: Shootout Challenge’ not only raised thousands of dollars to support the officers impacted on June 4th, it also served as a shooting competition infused with real-world practical scenarios to address the critical need for continued enhanced training that will save lives.

The combination of healthy competition and practical training made for an all-around great fundraising event. Proceeds raised totaled nearly $12,000, which will directly support the Braintree PD Working Dog Foundation for fallen Officer K9 Kitt, the LEO Support Foundation for wounded Officers Cushing and Donoghue, and the Thin Blue Ride for the family of Fallen Worcester PD Officer Enmanuel “Manny” Familia.

The Top 3 Teams:

  • 1st Place – Team Haverhill PD, out of Haverhill NH 
  • 2nd Place – Team Thin Blue Ride, out of Worcester MA
  • 3rd Place – Team Former Action Guys (An eclectic mash of local, state, and federal officers hailing from Massachusetts

Teams were also awarded additional training opportunities and lifesaving equipment. This event could not have been possible without the support of our 20 Sponsors, the numerous generously donated raffle prizes, the excellent food from local vendor Reklis Brewing Co., and a machinegun shoot put on by Parker Mountain Machine.

The collaborative team effort from the innovative and highly motivated staff of TacDynamics and Ridgeline Defense made this event a great success, and is expected to become an annual training event to support our fallen and wounded officers.

Many thanks to the hard-working staff, volunteers, and sponsors that made Hero Down a successful event as well as the following sponsor:

The Thin Blue Ride, The Law Enforcement Officer Support Foundation, Team O’Neil Rally School, Velocity Systems, Surefire, Parker Mountain Machine, Safariland Group, Reston Group Critical Solutions, FMJBT Arms, Eagle Eye Firearms MA, Blue Tier Tactical, Goonin Gear, Modern Defense Systems, and D. Grieco. Thank you to Live Boston 617 Inc. who generously provided our exclusive media coverage of the event and a huge special thanks to the New Hampshire State Police Honor Guard for their support.