Hero Boyfriend Sacrifices Self To Save Girlfriend in Fatal Three Alarm Brighton Fire

Zack Thompson, a 23-year-old from Oxford Connecticut is being hailed as a hero after he saved his girlfriend in a fire in Brighton, the same fire which tragically took his life. Earlier this week the Suffolk District Attorney’s Office confirmed his identity and that his family had been notified of his passing.

According to those close to him, Thompson was visiting his girlfriend who lives at 32 Perthshire Road when a fire broke out around 00:30 hours on Monday. When firefighters arrived on scene they found heavy flames engulfing the top floor and Thompson’s girlfriend on the roof of the second floor where he had carried her to safety. The fire quickly went to a three alarm fire as the blaze raged on.

A total of 9 people were displaced in this fire that severely damaged the building. Of those displaced Thompson was the only one who did not reside there as well as the only fatality.

Firefighters used a ground ladder to rescue the girlfriend, after she was thrown out of a window onto a small roof protruding from the second floor by her boyfriend. She was taken to the hospital with only minor injuries. Two firefighters were also taken to a hospital with minor injuries and were later released, the fire department said.

The fire remains under investigation and the cause has not been determined. District D-14 and Homicide Detectives, as well as member of the Crime Scene Response Unit and Boston FIU could be seen going in and out of the brunt structure late into the morning before Thompson’s body was finally recovered by the Chief Medical Examiner’s Office.

In a video of the blaze the girlfriend could be heard pleading for firefighters to save Thompson, but the blaze intensified as firefighters attempted to search the third floor, forcing one to jump through the same window from which she had escaped to avoid a burst of flames.

A surprise to many local political watchers, both Acting Mayor Janey and District 9 Councilor Breadon both came to the scene, a move met with mixed feelings. It did not escape anyone the proximity of the elextion and the timing of these visits, espcially given the Acting Mayor’s seeming lack of engagement with both crime scenes past as well as her unwillingness to attended multiple public forums.

Politicians at the scene of the 3-Alarm fire

Overall neighbors seemed unimpressed with what one woman named Sue called “political grandstanding on the death of a young man”. She went on to note that they didnt even speak with her or other neighbors, only coming quickly for what she felt was a tasteless opportunity for some easy publicity. She finished by saying, “…it’s not like she was doing this when she was up in the polls or at the murders that seem to happen in her neighborhood…”

According to city records, the home is owned by an LLC based in Newton and is valued in excess or a million dollars. At this time no further information is available and it is unknown if foul play or negligence is investigated.