Methadone Mile Drug Dealer Achieves Hat-Trick of Arrests

Boston Police’s District D-4 Drug Control Unit successfully apprehended 23-year-old Odanis Brea of 146 Glenway Street on September 7 at 18:57 hours, in the area of 211 East Cottage Street.

He is facing charges for Possession/Sale/ Manufacturing/Use of Drugs following an investigation in the area of Methadone Mile’s Southampton and Atkins Streets.

This marks his third drug related arrest in the past year. In October 2020, Odanis Brea was taken in to custody custody by virtue of an arrest warrant for Distribution of Class B Drugs. In July of this year he was again arrested, this time charged with Trafficking Class A Drugs and Possession with Intent to Distribute Class A Drugs.

After his mouthy cohorts finished professing his innocence, they were FIOed and released and the car returned to the registered owner. At this time it is unclear if they are part of the drug ring however the investigation is ongoing.