New Nashua Street Jail Death Marks Fourth Inmate Death in Three Months Without Cause

On Friday, September 17, at 01:30 hours Boston officers along with Boston EMS responded to reports of a sudden death at the Nashua Street Jail. The victim, identified as a 47-year-old Carl Rabouin, was pronounced dead at the scene, two days after he was originally jailed. Rabouin was also the subject of one of BPD’s major arrests following the May 31st Riots over a year ago on multiple charges.

The inmate was found unresponsive in his cell by corrections officers, who attempted CPR in an effort to resuscitate the man while waiting for BEMS, according to a written statement from the spokesman for Sheriff Steven Tompkins. Their efforts were unsuccessful.

This marks the fourth person to die in custody of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department this year, Sheriff’s Department officials said in a statement.

31-year-old Rashonn Wilson, was taken from the jail to the hospital in July, where he later died. Wilson had been incarcerated for several months. The sheriff’s office did not did elaborate on what prompted the hospital transportation or provide cause of death.

In August, a woman identified as 35-year-old Ayesha Johnson, died in a holding cell after being found unresponsive by corrections officers, She had been civilly committed to the jail while awaiting acceptance in to a treatment program. Again no cause of death has been released as of today. Eerily, on the same day, 42-year-old Edward Isberg was also discovered unresponsive and died in a medical unit. Again no cause of death was provided.

Suffolk County district attorney Rachel Rollins’ spokesperson told the press that the investigations into the three deaths this summer are still ongoing.