Man Makes Murderous Threats While Waving Gun, Later Arrives at Unrelated Homicide Scene to Complain

On September 25th at 20:15 hours, officers responded to Community Convenience in Dorchester for reports of a man flashing a gun and stating he wants to kill his wife. The suspect was identified as a male that lived nearby. According to the suspect he went home and showered after the incident. He became upset with the way units “aggressively” knocked on his door. Several units surrounded the house. The suspect finally answered the door and showed officers a BB gun, which they took as evidence. The suspect became irate and asked for the gun back.

The man claims he had the BB gun in his bag and doesn’t know what happened or why police responded, but vowed to sue the city for having officers bang on his door, instead of looking for a door bell to ring first. The call was recoded from person with a gun to threats made. The suspect, who was clearly intoxicated, later showed up to the scene of a double shooting to complain to several uninvolved officers working the homicide scene about the officers banging on his door earlier.