When Courts Fail – The Michael Quarrles Story

On November 6th, we went against numerous requests from Boston Police Leadership, who were attempting to shield the identity of the suspect killed in the chaotic attack on police officers at 27 Ingleside Street in Dorchester. Instead the choice was made to publish his identity, as it was not only in the best interest of the public, but also to show the brave Officers justifiably acted in defense of one of their own. Transparency is not just a tool for those who look to defund and defame the police, but a tool that when used properly can lead to trust, understanding, and respect between law enforcement and community members. The attack left an officer fighting for his life with a stab wound to the neck, and lead to Michael Quarrles being pronounced dead at an area hospital. You can read the original story here:

Michael Quarrles was 37 years old at the time of the incident, and his subsequent death. He had been well known to police for years after a slew of arrests. Michael Quarrles’ social media and court history paint a clear picture of the need for mental health services, and unquestionably affirms the need for inpatient mental health treatment after multiple arrests, especially after multiple violent arrests.

Mr. Quarrles had been arrested for an absurd amount of offenses including possession of a firearm without a license, carrying a loaded firearm, trespassing, various assault and batteries, and violating numerous protection from abuse/restraining orders – including orders taken against him by his own family. Shockingly, (to some people, but least of all us) a majority of his charges were dropped, plead down, or CWOFed – Continued Without Finding. He was even released on personal recognizance. It doesn’t appear that comprehensive mental health treatment was a term for any of these district attorney disseminated deals.

When you consider the entire situation, you hopefully come to the same realization that we have, our court system continuously allowed an untreated, mentally unstable, and violent criminal walk the streets. Every day that Mr. Quarrles spent in society was a risk to the health, safety, and lives of all Boston residents, particularly Boston Police officers.

As we mentioned in our previous article, Mr. Quarrles was arrested three years ago for brutally assaulting a female police officer who was responding to a 9-1-1 call for domestic violence. You can read the report here:

According to the incident reports, on March 2, 2018, Mr. Quarrles began violently attacking his niece as she prepared to take a shower. After speaking to his mother, officers went to question Michael in his bedroom, where he repeatedly attempted to close the door on them. As officers attempted to place him under arrest, he tensed his body and began flailing. Standing at 6’1″ and weighing in at around 200 pounds, Mr. Quarrles was able wrap his arms around the officers and pin them to the couch.

A tussle ensued. His mother began screaming “police brutality” while jumping on the backs of officers. She attempted to pull them away from Mr. Quarrles, and violently interfered with the arrest.

While officers fought and continued to try to put handcuffs on Michael Quarrles, he was able to unholster a female officers weapon. The officer announced “he has my gun,” prompting the other officers to try and pry his hand off of her firearm. The female officer struck him with a closed fist, finally causing him to drop the weapon. He then repeatedly assaulted and tried to disarm the officers. Eventually, backup units entered the residence to find the female officer in a chokehold. Officers described her as having turned red and blue.

He was arrested for a litany of much deserved charges, though he was only charged in court with one. He plead guilty and from the documents it appears he was given probation, a courtesy that was revoked after he failed to appear at an August 2020 court date. The case was then sent to Suffolk Superior Court, where his arrest warrant remained active until his death.

You can view some of Michael Quarrles criminal charges at the bottom of this article, though we have not received all of the documents at the time of publishing. We will add to this link, and to the story, as more documents become available.

On his Twitter account, Mr. Quarrles often references the Illuminati, and seems adamant that popular rapper Drake is an evil entity. He shared postings claiming 9/11 never happened, as well as quotes about false realities. He also holds the belief that all Republicans are secretly Muslim, which is apparently part of a conspiracy to start wars and funnel money.

All in all, this situation begs the question: would the outcome have been different if the court had mandated mental health care or imposed the sentences outlined in the laws violated? Would the officer be home with his family instead of recovering from a near fatal neck wound in the hospital? Would Quarrles still be alive?

One thing is certain, Quarrles was a violent and dangerous individual who should not have been free or been given a chance to again almost kill a Police Officer. There is very little doubt that with out the fast actions of Officers on Saturday, we would be mourning the loss of one of Boston’s finest. Boston Police have still refused to comment further or confirm any information as it relates to Quarrles. No further information is available at this time.