UPDATED/EXCLUSIVE: Identity of The Violent Career Criminal That Shot 3 Boston Police Officers and New Details of What Started The Hours Long Standoff 

At 09:30 hours today, Boston Police responded to District B-3 (Mattapan) for 27 Ferndale Street in Dorchester for a Code 99: Barricaded armed suspect.

After hours of failed attempted deescalation and negotiations, SWAT made the determination to breach the residence to attempt to secure the suspect, identified exclusively under condition of anonymity to Live Boston, as known violent felon, 37-year-old DeShaun Wright.

Photo of DeShaun Wright provided to us by family members.

The suspects step-mother revealed that DeShaun Wright had been staying at the residence after his release from prison. He asked to stay for a few days, and ended up staying “around a month,” despite the resident asking him to leave. Today, Mr. Wright was supposed to vacate the premises, instead he threatened other residents with a firearm, and held the gun to one residents head, which prompted the Code 99 and subsequent stand off. “He’s really not right in the head,” said Julie Clarke, who says it was her son’s half brother who shot police Tuesday afternoon. “He pulled out a gun on my son this morning and he told us both to leave the apartment. He was going to shoot my son in the head, he had a gun to my son’s head.”

According to the Boston Police Department, SWAT assets entered the building, and approached the apartment where the suspect was located. In the midst of continued negotiations the suspect then spontaneously began shooting at officers, striking at least three. At approximately 15:30 hours, radio calls went out reporting two officers and a civilian shot. You can listen to the recordings of the radio transmission below:

Boston EMS who was standing by at the Code 99 on a tac channel could be heard evaluating the officers who were shot as well as attempting to revive the suspect on scene who was shot multiple times.

Additional Boston EMS ambulances arrived swiftly, and transported the injured officers to area hospitals. A clear path to the hospital attempted to be established over the radio however there was apparently a lack of communication with EMS. The EMTs instead of taking Columbia Road which had been cleared of all traffic, instead they took busy Blue Hill Ave prompting Officers to scramble to clear a new path.

Preliminary reports say there are two officers with gunshot wounds to the lower extremities, and they are expected to survive. A third officer suffered a non-life threatening graze wound. Over 10 other officers and members of the department were transported from the scene for issues ranging from minor injuries to simply evaluations. Later in the day the Union Representatives from the BPPA, the union for patrolmen, expressed their thanks to the staff at the numerous Boston Area Hospitals, mainly BMC and Tufts for the care provided to their Officers.

DeShaun Wright was shot by officers returning fire at the scene, and was pronounced deceased. He was pronounce by Boston EMS EMTs and Paramedics inside of the residence. His body remained there until late last night when The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner was able to take his corpse which was allegedly riddled with bullet holes.

According to court documents, on June 3, 2001, Domingo Morris was riding his bicycle down the street when two men in a red car stopped, boxing him between their car and a parked black Mercury. A man who was the passenger in the red car exited, and began fighting with Morris on the hood of the black Mercury. When Morris attempted to flee, the man shot Morris multiple times, then got back in the red car and left the scene. This man was later identified by witnesses and evidence to be DeShaun Wright.

After a jury trial, and subsequent failed appeal, DeShaun Wright was convicted of: armed assault with intent to murder, G.L. c. 265, § 18(b ); assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon, G.L. c. 265, § 15A; unlawful possession of a firearm, G.L. c. 269, § 10(a ); and unlawful possession of ammunition, G.L. c. 269, § 10(h ). In a subsequent bench trial, Mr. Wright was also convicted of being an armed career criminal. G.L. c. 269, § 10G.

Incoming Mayor Michelle Wu, Acting Mayor Janey, District Attorney Rollins, and Superintendent in Chief Long all visited the hospitals to check on the injured officers this evening. The street outside of the BMC ambulance bay was lined with police cars and officers for hours while waiting to hear updates about their fellow officer. Union leaders, command staff and others could be seen going in and out of the emergency room. DA Rollins and Superintendent in Chief Long then went to the crime scene where they held a press conference.

The conference was continually inturpted by frustrated residents who were shouting at Rollins, and she appeared especially rattled when shouts of abuse of power and corruption were hurdles at her. At one point one resident could be heard asking about progress in a case of his murdered family member, rather than ignore the question Rollins made a derogatory comment about the persons mental health promoting even more jeers by the crowd.

Clearly in the video you can hear the man pleading “my mother needs answers, I deserve answers!” Rollins becomes so rattled by the hecklers that she can be seen stumbling over her own words to the point where she even deferred questions to Commisioner Gross, who has not been Commisioner for quite a while.

At multiple times during questioning by the news, Rollins could be seen visibly shaken and attempted to end the conference early. Surprising many though, Rollins took a more positive pro police stance than normal even going so far as to call out those who look to defund and jump to conclusions about police activity. Ironically Rollins herself has done both those things in the past.

Both Rollins and Long echoed support for the officers who were injured and their families. Chief Long also praised his officer for their professionalism and sacrifice. Passionately he stood up for the rank and file, calling out the increase violence the officers have been facing recently and condemning attacks against his officers. A surprising change from his normal matter-of-fact tone, One could almost hear the frustration and emotion in the Chiefs voice when asked about how he felt having to respond to his own people shot.

“I want to highlight and make note of this that in the last three days, we’ve had four Boston police officers suffer injuries as a result of facing lethal force,” Long said. “This highlights the dangers of the men and women of this department face every single day they put on this uniform. I can’t say enough about the professionalism, courage and bravery that the officers show every day.”

According to documents and sources familiar with the suspect, Wright served over 22 years of his life total behind bars. The majority of which was for the 2001 shooting. Boston residents took to social media following the incident question why this violent criminal was ever released and to voice their lack of surprise that he reoffended.

As of Wednesday morning, there is no further information available, investigators stayed on scene late into Tuesday night processing the apartment and home where the shooting took place. The Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office will be leading the investigation into the shooting, which is expected to be ruled justified. One of the three officers who were shot was released from the hospital last night surrounded by co-workers and family.

Mayor-elect Michelle Wu said she was briefed on the situation. “My prayers tonight are with the injured officers, their loved ones, and those in our community who have repeatedly had to face violence and trauma in our neighborhoods in the past week,” Wu said in a statement.

The Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association, the union representing patrol officers, asked the public to pray for the officers. “The violence against police officers must stop,” the union tweeted.

The standoff comes just days after police in Boston say an officer shot and killed a man after he allegedly stabbed another police officer in the neck on Saturday. You can find information regarding that incident in our article here.