UPDATE: Five Transported Including Young Children After Crash in West Roxbury

At approximately 11:00 hours, Boston Police, Boston Fire and Boston EMS responded to reports that a truck had careened over a brick retaining wall from a parking lot onto the sidewalk. Early reports indicated the vehicle had hit numerous pedestrians. On arrival first responders located two adults, a child and two infants all injured in the crash when the truck landed on them.

All five were transported to Boston Medical Centre and are expected to survive, with injuries ranging from minor to critical. Full notifications have not been made, and are not expected at this time.

District Detectives are on scene now as well as the District Auto-Investigator. The Crime Scene Response Unit was called in to help process and photograph the crash, including processing the two strollers left in the rubble of the retaining wall. The cause of the crash is still under investigation, however preliminary reports from witnesses indicate this most likely was a tragic accident.

At this time no further information is available. We will update this story once more information becomes available. The thoughts and prayers of our staff are with the injured family during this difficult time.