Report: Federal Marshals Tell Rollins She’s On Her Own For Security

Newly confirmed US Attorney Rachael Rollins won’t be getting a full-time security detail from federal marshals, The Boston Globe reports.

“A lot of people don’t recognize [that] as women and as women of color, and particularly as a Black woman, the level of racist, hate-filled death threats that we receive,” Rollins said in a recent appearance on GBH’s “Radio Boston.” Clearly reverting to the same song and dance she always does when she doesn’t get her way, throwing the race card and then stomping her feet.

The Globe reports the Marshals Service, which protects federal officials, investigated the threats and determined Rollins is at low risk.

When she steps down as Suffolk district attorney next month, she’ll lose her dedicated Boston Police executive protection unit, whose members drive her and provide security. She also has the use of a car. This is the same car a Dorchester woman says Rollins was driving in the South Bay parking lot last Christmas Eve when Rollins threatened her with a ticket and inappropriately flashed the emergency lights in an apparent case of road rage.

As US attorney, Rollins is not entitled to protection, a car or a driver. She’ll also take a nearly $20,000 pay cut. Welcome back to the land of us normal folks.