Brainless Balfour Resident Arrested for Illegal Firearm After Entering Closed Crime Scene

At approximately 23:15 hours on Friday, December 17, 2021 officers from District B-2 responded to 36 Balfour Street for a six round ShotSpotter activation, followed by five more rounds.

While investigating the shooting, the male resident of 34 Balfour Street began harassing police, continuously entering the crime scene unauthorized, and had to repeatedly be told to get behind the tape.

After the scene was cleared, and the tape taken down, the resident showed no interest in going back inside, despite how much he verbally attacked the officers for not allowing him to contaminate a crime scene previously. He then posed with the crime scene tape, for a crime that at the time only he knew he was a part of.

Shortly after, the male returned to his house, entered his vehicle, and drove erraticaly down the street while detectives were still on scene. A traffic stop was initiated, and a search yielded a firearm. Detectives believe the firearm is related to the ShotSpotter activations in front of his home. He was arrested on scene.