Outrage Among Police Officers as Photo Taken in BPD Headquarters Circulates

Controversy is swirling amongst Boston Police Officers and the community as a whole, following photos posted to social media which many are calling offensive. The photos, which appear to have been taken in the Boston Police Headquarters Media Room, was then posted on a Boston Police program’s official Instagram account.

In the images, which were posted to IG page @actupwith5.0 earlier today, three white Boston Police recruits are shown kneeling, and seemingly be covering their faces, while a group of teens can be seen standing above them making hand gestures in the air.

Some have claimed the hand gestures in the photos are gang signs being thrown up, as the group stands over the recruits in an aggressive and dominant manner. The entire Instagram page has since been made private, after public outcry.

The page appears to belong to Act up with 5-0, a Boston Police arts program that incorporates monologues, scene work, poetry, videography dance, visual arts, photography, and various other elements of art in an environment where police and youth are able to express themselves and overcome trauma through artistic creativity, according to BPDNews.

We reached out to the Boston Police for comment, but at the time of this posting we have not received a response to our calls or emails. Receipts indicate the emails were read earlier this evening.