Boston Police Yet Again Prove Their Worth Overnight

The debate over how to handle mental health calls has been a centric component of the debate over police reform. Last night at approximately 20:00 hours Officers from District B-2 once again showed why our City’s police are considered some of the best. After receiving word that a well-known suspect who had a violent history and numerous open warrants on Saint James Street in Roxbury was also in need of mental health help they stepped up to answer the call.

Normally these calls would be primarily handled by Boston EMS with assistance from police, but due to the serious concerns of violence, Officers placed themselves in the line of fire in an attempt to safely resolve this issue. Officers from across the district converged at the end of the street before strategically approaching the residence.

Using their skills and training, Officers successfully deescalated and negotiated with the man, eventually being able to get him to agree to allow officers to handcuff him and remove him from the residence without incident. He was then taken from the scene by Officers, so he could receive the mental health treatment he so desperately needed.