An Open Letter to Larry Calderone and the BPPA Leadership

This letter was submitted by an active member of the Boston Police Department who was verified by our staff, however it has been published anonymously out of fears of retribution from the Department, City Hall and the BPPA. The opinions included in this letter do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Live Boston and it’s staff.

Almost immediately following the decision by Judge Locke on the injunction filed on behalf of police officers as well as our union brothers and sisters at the Boston Firefighters Local 718, the Boston Police Patrolman’s President, Larry Caldarone, released a statement and tweet which included the following.

“As you may know, the other public safety unions had a hearing on their injunction request regarding the City’s Vaccine Mandate. After hearing, the Judge immediately ruled from the bench DENYING the request for an injunction, affirming the BPPA decision to seek to bargain with the City rather than join in the injunction action.”

This childish and immature gloating on behalf of the elected union leader for patrolman is not just an insulting slap in the face to myself, my fellow police officers and our city’s firefighters, it is also just yet another example of the poor  quality in leadership the members of the BPPA have been complaining about for so long. The judge agreed with the Unions that the City has not fulfilled it’s bargaining obligations and is not making itself available on good faith, which will empower them at the bargaining table. Both of these being a win for the unions and us as members.

Additionally the judge provided the unions with more time, respect and dignity than the city ever has. Our unions do not need apologize for waging this fight on behalf of us, they should be proud for listening to the wants of their members rather than try and persuade them by hiring talking heads and supposed ‘experts’ with their member’s hard earned dues. Sadly this has become a game of politics and friendship rather than what is best for public safety.

The BPPA Leadership with Larry at the wheel does not care about its member. Labor rights and strong personally held beliefs have turned into a punchline to a joke that will end in termination. The City does not hold the power and privilege to violate binding labor agreements and basic laws. Instead Larry has taken sides with City Hall and Mayor Wu, jumping into bed with her at the first sign of personal career advancement.

What did she promise him in exchange for the souls of his members. Did she promise you a nice cushy gig Larry? Has snaking yourself into the POST Commission and MLEPG not been enough. To all of those BPPA members who have reached out and asked for help and advice, I’m sorry I couldn’t do more to help. I wish every BPPA members the best of luck and hope they took their promotional exams.

In addition to this letter which was sent to us from an active Boston police officer, an official letter was sent from the three unions to the BPPA late last night which is included below for context.