BREAKING: Vaccine Mandate Deadline Pushed as Mayor Wu Scrambles to Deal with Fallout

Sources inside of the Wu administration have confirmed to Live Boston that Mayor Wu and the City of Boston will be pushing back what they have touted as a hard deadline for City employees to be vaccinated in what is just yet another example of the chaos that is reportedly occurring behind the scenes at City Hall.

In emails expected to be sent to City Labor Leaders later today, Tammy Pust the Director for the Officer of Labor Relations states, “between January 15 and January 23, 2022, no employees will be disciplined nor placed on administrative leave and instead will be allowed an additional week to get into compliance.” Director Pust goes on to say, “on January 18, 2022, employees not yet in compliance will receive a notice indicating that if they do not get in compliance by the end of the employees’ work week they will be placed on unpaid administrative leave commencing on January 24, 2022“.

This comes just days after the City Attorney argued against any change to the mandate as the Boston Firefighters Local 718 in partnership with the Boston Police Detectives and Superior Offices moved to enjoin the policy. In a surprising turn of events Judge Locke who presided over the case was promoted the following day after issuing a decision from the bench just moments after hearing arguments.

This is a developing story that will be updated as the day progresses.