SWAT Team Called in for Bunker Hill Stand-Off in Charlestown

Monday evening at approximately 19:45 hours Boston Police Officers from District A-1 and A-15 responded to a 911 call for a person with a gun near 10 Monument Square in Charlestown. As units were responding, the call takers in operations continued to add to the call, further updating that the caller was reporting her husband had brought back an illegal gun from a trip and had it to his head, making wild threats to pull the trigger.

As units arrived they surrounded the residence and set up a perimeter while trying to make contact with both the wife and suspect. When they finally made contact with the wife, she told officers she had left and was unsure if he was home. She also presented as possibly intoxicated and surprisingly uncooperative.

Due to the serious danger that presented officers with the possibility of an armed and mentally unstable person barricaded inside of the apartment, a Code 99 was declared. Members from the SWAT team responded to the call from across the city as well as Negotiators and members of the Command Staff.

As Officers continued to try and make contact with the man, the subject’s wife became more and more uncooperative and erratic. Eventually, after neighbors had been evacuated and numerous assets utilized, the wife provided investigators with her husband‘s phone number. When the number’s location was pinged, it showed the phone was not in the area of the house and when called the husband denied all claims made by his wife.

At this time Boston Police Detectives are continuing to investigate this incident including the possibility of domestic issues and illegal firearm possession. No further information is available and no arrests have been made.