SWAT Team Responds to South End Monday Evening

Monday at approximately 18:00 hours, Boston Police Officers from District D-4 responded to an address on West Springfield Street in the South End for a call involving an armed suspect with serious mental health issues who was possibly in possession of a firearm. When Officers arrived, they established a perimeter around the residence in attempt to make contact with the suspect.

Unfortunately, officers were unable to make contact and out of an abundance of caution the decision was made to call in assets better equipped to deal with the situation. A Code-99 was declared and SWAT members, Negotiators, Command Staff and Detectives were called to the scene.

After hours of attempting to make contact, the tactical decision was made to breach the residence and clear it of all potential threats. Officers could be seen with shields, non-lethal weapons and other tools entering the building.

As SWAT cleared the building, a small dog was discovered and members of the Negotiation Team jumped into action, skillfully convincing to surrender and come out peacefully. The dog was unharmed and seemed quite happy in the arms of its rescuer.

After clearing the building, it was determined the suspect had fled prior to officers arriving and a area wide BOLO was issued, naming the suspect as armed and dangerous. A short time later, officers who were patrolling the area spotted the suspect attempting to recenter the residence and he was taken into custody with out further incident. At this time no further information is available and suspect has not been identified at this time.