EXCLUSIVE: Boston Patrolmen’s Association Members Dramatically Vote Down Wu Deal

Earlier we reported on the proposed MOA offered by the City of Boston which offered some small incentives in exchange for members selling out their union brothers and sisters. Tonight, the polls are closed and we are able to report that the members of the BPPA, which represents the uniformed members of the Boston Police Department, nearly unanimously voted down the agreement which was proposed by Mayor Wu and endorsed by union President Larry Caldarone.

In a shocking turn of events and mid recall of BPPA leadership, nearly 900 votes were cast with almost 850 of the votes cast against the proposed MOA. According to sources, the exact numbers of 873 total votes with only 26 yes votes. Now more than ever it has become clear that the first responders of Boston have had enough and are ready to fight for fair treatment. It’s time Mayr Wu stops wasting taxpayer dollars and actually starts to bargain in good faith.

As this story progresses we will continue to update it.