Chaos at Southbay Stop & Shop As Out of Town Teens Terrorize Shoppers with Replica Firearms

Yesterday afternoon around 16:00 hours, Boston Police Officers received a 911 call about a teenager armed with firearms in the Southbay Shopping Center, threatening customers and causing a large panic. The 911 caller stated that the male subject was about to shoot someone and then when the 911 caller attempted to intervene, was also threatened with the gun.

Officers from numerous districts responded in force, fearing the worst. As they were responding to the scene, the 911 call-taker and dispatcher skillfully updated units with further information. By the time officers arrived on scene, the units had been provided with a full clothing description of the entire group and last known location. Additionally the 911 caller updated that there was a group of 4 teenagers and that they were in Old Navy.

As officers arrived on scene the group of teens began to flee on foot inside of Stop and Shop. Fearing that the suspects were armed, officers set up a perimeter and entered the store in pursuit. A chaotic scene ensued, with numerous officers swarming into the store as the teenagers ran through isles knocking over carts and shelved items as they passed.

Eventually officers confirmed that they had to bail suspects in custody via their radios, adding that they were safely secured in the meat section. Officers additionally updated that they had firearms recovered. As officers were attempting to exit the store with the two male suspects, an additional female who was with the group continually attempted to attack the officers and even at one point attempted to grab at the fannypack which constrained the suspect’s weapon.

Even after multiple warnings to stop interfering and to step back, the young woman continued to cause a scene. Eventually after being hit, scratched and kicked one too many times by the girl who was screaming racial epithets, she was taken into custody. While being handcuffed, she continued to attack officers who eventually just picked her up and carried her to the awaiting police vehicle in a manner similar to how a parent would carry off a screaming toddler.

After all parties were safely secured in custody, officers inspected the firearms. Upon further investigation, it became apparent that the guns were not intact actual firearms, but extremely realistic replicas. Although not true firearms, the fact they were used as if they were, means they boys will still face serious charges. In addition to all the evidence, Detectives were also called to the scene and completed on scene bring back ID’s where the victim positively confirmed that the suspects in custody were the same ones who had threatened him earlier.

Boston Police have confirmed the following information about the three suspects taken into custody. The female suspect was identified as a 15-year-old from Ashland, and she was charged with delinquent to wit; assault and battery on a police officer and dangerous weapon, unlawfully carried. The male suspects who were identified as 17-years-old from Brockton and 15-years-old from Framingham and charged with delinquent to wit; assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (gun) as well as disturbing the peace.