Boston Police, EMS and BESTeam Succesfully De-Escalate and Secure Armed EDP

Wednesday night, at approximately 20:50 hours, Boston Police Officers from District B-3 received calls for an emotionally distressed person who had barricaded themselves inside a residence on Harvard Ave with a knife and were cutting themselves. Upon arrival, the subject was identified to be a known EDP which had caused a similar incident last week. 

Patrol Officers assigned to District B-3, the Anti-Crime Unit, as well as the Sergeant all worked together to secure the scene and disarm the individual. A mental health Clinician from the BESTeam and Boston EMTs also responded.

After some time spent with the individual, using verbal de-escalation tactics, they were able to convince the subject to peacefully exit the residence and go with EMS for further treatment. They were transported to a nearby hospital to be evaluated for what clearly are severe mental health issues.

No further information is available at this time. If you ever find yourself in crisis, or are worried about the safety of a friend or loved one in need of emotional support, please contact the Good Samaritan Helpline at 1-877-870-4673. You can call or text any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The services are free, confidential, and completely anonymous.