Boston Police Officers and EMTs Assaulted During Medical Thursday Morning

On February 17th, at approximately 00:00 hours, Boston Police Officers from District C-11 and Boston EMS responded to an address on Ditson Street for reports of 14 year old female with a knife actively stabbing herself. As officers and EMTs arrived they were assaulted and attacked, so badly that an OT, or “Officer in Trouble”, was called over the air.

This resulted in Officers, EMTs and others to all dropping what they were doing to run to the aid of their fellow public safety brothers and sisters. Officers from Districts C-6, B-3, the State Police, and EMS from across the city all converged on the address and eventually were able to get the family separated from the female, and secure her and the knife. 

The female as taken by EMS to Boston Medical Center, and everyone was able to clear the scene. As EMS and Police were attempting to leave the scene, family members and neighbors, continually attempted to fight, attack everyone they could find who worked for the city. Finally, everyone was able to leave the area with out further incident. At this time no further information is available at this time. This incident yet again highlight the dangers that out city’s first responders face on a daily basis.