Traffic Stop in D-4 Leads to Arrests Over Stun Guns and Warrants

At approximately 17:45 hours on Wednesday February 16th, Boston Police Officers from District D-4 made an on-sight weapon and warrant arrest of Raul Camejo of Roslindale and Jorge Jusino Rivera of Boston. Although any type of weapon or portable device that uses an electrical current to incapacitate someone temporarily prior to 2018 were completely banned, now it only requires an active LTC. A fact these two men seemed to not be aware of.

Officers were on directed patrol in the area of Lenox Housing Development due to ongoing issues in the area regarding violence, firearms, and gang activity when they observed a motor vehicle with extremely dark tints. After conducting a routine check of the vehicle’s status it was discovered the vehicle registration had been revoked, and it’s inspection had expired. Officers pulled the vehicles over in the area of 650 Harrison Ave in the South End. 

The Officers asked the driver, who identified as Jorge Jusino Rivera of 35 Raynor Street in Boston, to provide his drivers license to which Rivera stated he did not have one and he was immediately taken into custody. Officers then requested all other parties to exit the vehicle as it was subject to being towed. As is standard practice, an inventory search was completed of the vehicle, with assistance of a K-9 during which two electronic stun-gun type devices (similar to the ones pictured below) were discovered. The passenger, who has been identified as Raul Camejo of 118 Sycamore Road in Roslindale, was also taken into custody.

Raul Camejo is charged with the following: OUTSTANDING WARRANTS for Failure to Stop for Police- Lawrence District Court, Felony Assault and Felony Assault & Battery- West Roxbury District Court. Additionally Camejo faces WEAPONS CHARGES: MGL 269/10a Unlawful Possession Firearm- Stun Gun.

Jorge Jusino Rivera is charged with numerous charges including: MGL 269/10a Unlawful Possession Firearm- Stun Gun, MGL 90/10 Operating M/V Unlicensed, MGL 90/23 Operating M/V After Registration Suspension/Revocation, as well as a citation for violations of the auto laws.