Transit Officers Attacked During Arrest of Violent Teen Fugitive

On February 19th, at approximately 19:00 hours, Transit Police Detectives from the Criminal Investigations Unit with assistance of Transit Officers from the Juvenal Section or JVS, which is the specialized unit that deals with youth offenders, were conducting surveillance of a known address in the area of Morton Street when they recognized a female party who was wanted on multiple charges including most recently a brutal and violent stabbing in Mattapan Square. Per Boston Police radio traffic the wanted female is 18-year-old Kheyani Murray.

When Detectives and Officers approached the suspect and another female associate who was walking with her they immediately came under attack, with both girls viciously fighting the officers, even biting two of them. A call for help was broadcast over the radio, and assets from Boston Police, Mass State Police and Boston EMS all rushed to the scene from across the city. 

Eventually, Murray was secured and taken by Boston EMS to a local area hospital due to a seemingly uncontrollable mental breakdown she was suffering from following her arrest. The second woman who we are working on identifying, was arrested on unknown charges for interfering and attacking officers. Transit Police have refused to comply with public records or information requests from Live Boston. It is unclear at this time why the MBTA and Transit Police are not following the records requirements under law. 

On a side note, as we continue to try and bring you, our reader the most in depth and informative details available, we also continue to have to fight the powers at be for public information that should be available but is often safeguarded out of fears of transparency and archaic old school mentalities. 

This issue is one that the Transit Police, and in specific Superintendent Sullivan have faced in the past, as documented in numerous articles. We currently have lodged a complaint and appeal, with the State, however this is just yet another example of how out of “touch command staff” continue to negatively impact their rank and file due to their own incompetence or ignorance.  Transparency is scary, but let’s remember, most other organizations will fight tooth and nail for the bad records, it’s time the people in positions of power start to work with organizations such as ourselves to showcase the positive work of the brave men and women on the street daily especially when moral is at historic all time lows. Enough with the photo ops and jokes, show your Officers the respect they deserve.