Drunk Man from Maine Arrested Downtown After Multiple Hit and Runs

On Saturday evening at approximately 20:45 hours, Boston Police Officers from District A-1 responded to the area of Franklin Street, Downtown, for reports of an erratic driver operating a pickup truck.

The vehicle had struck multiple other vehicles and was swerving all over the road. Officers easily identified and located the truck, which had sustained heavy front end damage, and attempted to detain the driver.

After officers requested that the operator exit the vehicle, the man fell directly on to his face. It soon became glaringly apparent from his urine soaked pants and inability to stand, along with the very strong odor of alcohol, that the driver was severely impaired.

On scene, two damaged vehicles the impaired river had struck were visible. Soon, a call from a different location revealed he had struck vehicles in a nearby area as well. Police placed the driver, who has since been identified as Robert Morse of 414 Pine Hill in York, Maine under arrest on multiple charges including OUI liquor and leaving the scene of an accident with injuries.

EMS was called to the scene, where they evaluated all parties. At this time no further information is available and the incident remains under investigation.