Dorchester Cat Fight Ends in Arrest of 17 Year Old Who Soaked Victims with Bleach and Mace

Yesterday evening at approximately 21:15 hours, Boston Police Officers from District C-11 responded to numerous calls for a group of teenage girls fighting in the area of Adams Street and Ashmont Street in Dorchester.

Officers responded at least twice to the area, eventually locating a teenager and her parents who were suffering from injuries consistent with a beat down, followed by being maced and doused in bleach.

After speaking with the victims, Officers quickly identified the main subject who had used the chemicals to attack the family and they canvassed the area in an attempt to locate the attackers.

Eventually a group of teenage girls was stopped walking on Ashmont Street and were promptly detained by officers. The main suspect, a 17-year-old female, in the brutal attack was arrested on charges of aggravated assault.

The remaining children were FIO’ed and released after brief incident where they attempted to stop their friends arrest. The incident remains under investigation at this time, Boston Police would not comment on if further charges against any of the other juveniles should be expected.