WARNING- VERY GRAPHIC IMAGES: The Case of The Mysterious Severed Penis Continued

As first reported by our good friend Adam at Universal Hub, a severed penis was located on Hancock Street on Wednesday. The penis was found around 07:30 hours and appeared to have been left out in the open for many hours.

According to Uhub, “They followed the blood trail to a nearby address where they found a bleeding man who, in addition to removing his penis, had also stabbed himself several times. EMS took him to a local hospital for care. Police declined to comment on the incident, because it involved an “emotionally disturbed person,” not a crime.”

Today we finally share images, as many have asked to see the severed anatomy. To those who don’t want to see it, you should have heeded the warning in the title. It is quite graphic.

On a lighter note; here is a 311 complaint that was filed about the bloody appendage…