Standoff in Bromley Heath Project Ends After 6 Hours of Negotiation

At approximately 12:00 hours earlier today, April 11 2022, Boston Police Officers assigned to District E-13 responded to the area of 57 Horan Way. On arrival officers were met with resistance by the occupant who they were told may have a firearm and was mentally unstable.

For over 6 hours the male subject could be seen at the door and window as members from the Boston Police Negotiation Team attempted to convince him to surrender.

SWAT assets were deployed to the scene and they formed a hardened perimeter around the residence using Bearcat Rescue Vehicles, ballistic shields and other armored devices. City-Wide EDTs were also deployed and the entire Bromley Heath Projects was practically put on lockdown.

Eventually the decision to breach was made. SWAT Assets, using flash bangs and other less lethal equipment, were able to force entry into the home where the male was successfully taken into custody after surrendering. After the suspect was secured and the scene was safe, he was transferred to the care of Boston EMS and transported to a local area hospital where he will get the mental health treatment he clearly needed.

This incident remains under investigation at this time. If you, or someone you know, is struggling with mental illness or is suffering from suicidal ideation please contact The Massachusetts Department of Mental Health for resources or call 800-273-8255.