Boston Police SWAT Yet Again Called Out to Barricaded Subject Thursday

Shortly after 14:00 hours on Thursday afternoon Boston Police Officers from District C-11 responded to a call for an EDP (Emotionally Dangerous Person) armed with a knife on Stoughton Street in Dorchester.

When officers arrived they encountered a middle-aged Asian male holding a knife and acting erratically. A supervisor was forced to use a less than lethal beanbag shotgun to stop the man from progressing on officers. After discharging the less lethal shotgun, officers were able to safely make distance between themselves in the armed man, and secure a perimeter around the second floor of the home.

Believing that the man had intentions to harm himself or others, the decision was made to declare a Code 99 for a barricaded subject. Negotiators and mental health clinicians attempted to reason with the man, however the decision was eventually made to breach the home with tactical SWAT assets. Shortly after entering the residence, officers were able to safely secure the man, who had been successfully disarmed, and he was transferred to the care of Boston EMS.

EMTs and paramedics could be seen taking the man away from his home in an ambulance to receive further mental health treatment. This is yet again another great example of how less than lethal equipment can be used to prevent further injury or death when dealing with armed suspects.

Images provided courtesy of Live Boston Associate Matt Kaminsky:

For a short period, residents were evacuated and roads around the home were closed out of an abundance of caution. Boston Police would not provide any further information on this incident. This is at least the fourth time in the past week that SWAT assets have been deployed for a Code 99 in the city.

If you, or someone you know, is struggling with mental illness or is suffering from suicidal ideations please contact The Massachusetts Department of Mental Health for resources or call 800-273-8255.