Illegal Dirt Bikes, Mopeds and ATVs Make Warm Weather Comeback to the Roads of Boston

On Thursday May 5 2022, Boston Police Officers from District C-11 responded shortly after 21:15 hours for reports of an MVA involving a moped in the area of Washington Street and Bowdoin Street in Dorchester. When Officers arrived on scene they found an unregistered moped lying in the street and a car that apparently was t-boned in the middle of the intersection.

Upon speaking with the driver it became apparent that the operator of the moped fled to avoid charges for their erratic operation, unregistered vehicle, failure to stop at the red light and other related offenses. The incident is under investigation by Boston Police and no further information is available. This is just one of the many 911 calls, police reports and community complaints about the growing problem of off road vehicles.

Back at the beginning of April, a viral video made the rounds after a mob of youths on scooters and dirt bikes attacked a driver on Gallivan Boulevard in Dorchester. Witnesses stated that the youths had been kicking and punching the vehicle in attempts to make it crash before the video started. Back during the winter, Boston Police executed a search warrant in Roslindale that resulted in the recovery and seizure of approximately fifty illegal off road vehicles including ATVs, Mopeds, and Dirtbikes. 

For now it seems like the problem is far from solved with BPD doing their best to keep up but City Hall falling short on support. When pressed on the issue Mayor Wu has continued to provide her overly wordy generalized responses that provide no real answer on what she plans to do. When directly asked how she planned to combat the growing crisis of dirt bikes, a concern that bridges public safety and quality of life, she rambled on about “We expect to see that investments being made in youth opportunities, in housing stability, in food security, ultimately all will be going to stabilize our community – which includes safety as a baseline” 

It seemed to stump the reporter as well as the other members in the audience who couldn’t make heads or tails of the Mayor’s double talk. For now the residents of Boston seem stuck, with no real answer from City Hall on how to fix this, a shame, because we saw how quickly Mayor Wu enacted the Anti-Protest Ordnance shutting down free speech outside of her home when it was directly affecting her and her family. I guess if these bikes take to cruising Augustus Ave maybe then it will be finally taken seriously.