Multi-District Pursuit Leads to Arrest of Joyriding Teens

Shortly before 01:30 hours on Monday, May 9 2022, Boston Police Officers from District D-4 attempted to stop a vehicle in the area of Boston Medical Center that had been reported stolen. When officers activated their emergency lights and sirens the vehicle took off, fleeing from officers in a highly erratic and reckless manner.

Officers immediately pursued the vehicle, with hardly anyone else on the road and the good weather/road conditions, it was decided an attempt at pursuit was not only reasonable but justified. The vehicle fled across Cass Boulevard and into District B-2 where units from Roxbury joined into the chase.

Eventually the decision was made that it was not worth a long term pursuit, however right as units began to disengage, the fleeing vehicle made a wrong turn down a dead end and ended up crashing. Officers took advantage of this and jumped out, grabbing both the operator and the passenger with out further incident.

As officers were pulling the duo out of the vehicle, the female passenger was heard saying “can you get my backpack I got school tomorrow…” The female is a 16 year old and the male is believed to be about the same age. At this time we do not have the list of charges they will be facing. No further information is available.