Fire Erupts at Retired Race Track

Late Monday night, a fire erupted at the retired Suffolk Downs horse race center. Smoke and flames emerge from the historic building’s roof as BFD responded around 10 pm.

BFD began to extinguish the fire after the 4th alarm and then ordered to relay pumping supplies at the 5th alarm due to the shortage of water resources in the area. Thousands of feet of of hose line were used to access the water resources.

Two hours into the incident, drone footage of the rooftop provided a birds-eye view of the fire for precise extinguishing. Boston EMS responded to the scene but no injuries were reported.

The race track has not been in use since 2019 and has been sold to a retail development company for future projects. The fire did not affect the part of the property that is under construction, but is expected to set back redevelopment plans.