Non-Pursuit Policy Allows Armed Criminals to Flee Without Consequence

Overnight, at approximately 23:30 hours, Boston Police responded to the area of 45 Woodbole Ave for reports of a large group fighting and the possible presences of a firearm. When Officers from District B-3 arrived on scene the chaotic group quickly dispersed running to cars and into yards.

Officers witnessed two subjects armed with firearms fleeing and attempted to stop them. The suspects entered a motor vehicle and fled from the scene. As they were fleeing at least one firearm was thrown from the vehicle and recovered by officers.

A common problem that has been developing throughout the country, police chose not to pursue the vehicle, being told to stop by superiors, who have been instructed by politicians and lawyers, to now allow chases. The suspects subsequently got away as a result.

This underlining theme of criminals fleeing, without consequence or a chase, is an ongoing problem that is just another symptom of the erosion of law and order that has come with the so-called “police reform”. As of now no arrests have been made and the likelihood they will answer for their crimes is low.