Karen Read indicted on second-degree murder charge of boston police officer boyfriend

On the evening of January 29th during a winter nor’easter, Boston Police Officer John O’Keefe was struck by a vehicle in Canton, and was found in a snow bank the following morning. A good samaritan came across his body and took him to receive medical attention in Brockton, where he was pronounced dead hours later. Karen Read of Mansfield who was the victims girlfriend, has been accused of hitting O’Keefe outside the house of a fellow Boston Police Officer after a night of drinking.

Read claimed she had dropped him off at the friends house, and while leaving she allegedly struck him from the left side of her SUV. The next day she noticed the damage to her vehicle and that O’Keefe, 46, was missing, but reports say that she claimed to have no memory of what happened the night before. At the time Read, 41, was a professor of finance at Bentley University but soon after this incident was reportedly released from work at the beginning of the schools second semester.

On February 1st a manslaughter warrant was placed against Read and she was arrested for the crime. Read pled not guilty and was ordered to pay a cash bail of $50,000 and was then set free. After further investigation she was rearrested at her home on Thursday June 9th, and this morning was put before a judge where she once again pled not guilty to the new charges. Read’s defense attorney claims that there are “grave reasons to be concerned about the ethics of the police investigation.”

The judge ordered her to pay a bail of $100,000, which she was able to post. Read was released on conditions that included the prohibition of contacting the family of John O’keefe, as well as the ability to drive. Her next court date regarding these trials is stated to be set in August.