Boston Police Officer Seriously Injured While Attempting to Stop Shooting Suspect

While attempting to apprehend a suspect in a shooting, a Boston Police Officer was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident on Columbia Rd.

Boston Police spokesman Sergeant Detective John Boyle confirmed to Live Boston That officers were involved with a shooting incident, when at 00:42 hours at least one unit crashed in area of Columbia Road. He also confirmed that the crash has left an officer seriously injured.

Following the shooting on Mass Ave, which you can read more about here, Officers we’re pursuing a suspect up Columbia road when the accident took place. According to radio traffic, State Police witnessed the shooting and gave out the suspect description over the radio and officers quickly located the suspects.

According to sources within the department, officer involved in the accident is a 27-year veteran of the Department and is regarded as a solid, reliable, hardworking member. He is currently in stable condition, however it is not known if he will be able to return to work due to the injuries as we were told he would require multiple surgeries.

In a statement provided to Live Boston, the Officer’s union, the Boston Police Patrolmens Association shared, “Once again, yet another example o the hardworking men and women of the BPD running towards the danger and putting themselves in harm’s way to protect and serve the residents of our fine city. Our thoughts and prayers, as always, remain with the injured officer and his family.”

Boston Police auto investigators are still investigating the incident however preliminary information indicates the officer and civilian vehicle collided after the white SUV exited a side street into the path of the responding police unit.