Two Men Sentenced to Life in Prison for 2015 Roxbury Gang Related Homicide

This week on June 23rd, the two men responsible for a fatal shooting that ended 23-year-old Luis Bodden-Maximo’s life in 2015 were sentenced to life in prison with out parole.

On September 16, 2015, Bodden-Maximo and his girlfriend went for lunch at TGI Friday’s on Mission Hill. It was there he allegedly made eye contact with Javier Smith, ultimately leading to his death. The shooting has been attributed to a long standing gang rivalry between infamous H-Block gang and another gang. According to reports, while in the restaurant, words were exchanged relating to the ongoing gang feud before spilling out to the parking lot.

The last thing Bodden-Maximo heard as his girlfriend and him were walking to their car, was Jerome Meade calling him out, shouting across the parking lot, “you’re an opp”. Meade then opened fired on the pair. Bodden-Maximo tried to run and escape but Meade continued to shoot at him while chasing him down. As his girlfriend watched, Bodden-Maximo fell to the ground where Meade proceeded to stand over him, shooting until his gun was empty. Bodden-Maximo was later pronounced dead at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Sources with knowledge of the “beef” tell us that this shooting was in response to a 2010 homicide where 18-year-old Eric Smith was shot and killed on Blue Hill Ave in another gang shooting. Just two hours after killing Bodden-Maximo, Javier Smith took to twitter, saying “Rest Easy Eric Smith”. It should also be noted that Bodden-Maximo was only just released from jail on charges stemming from his dealing of cocaine.

A month to the day that Bodden-Maximo was gunned down, Meade and Smith along with 24 year old Lee Gill, who was the driver caught on security camera. They were all ordered held without bail and pleaded not guilty to murder charges. This May, seven years after the murder, a jury convicted Meade on five different charges, including first-degree murder and possession of an illegal firearm and Smith of second-degree murder. A month later, Suffolk Superior Court Judge Michael Ricciuti sentenced Jerome Meade, 27, and Javier Smith, 26, to life with no possibility of parole and life with parole possibility in 15 years.

Years later this case received closure, but the life of a young man, son, boyfriend, and brother is still lost.

In the statement released by the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, District Attorney Kevin Hayden states “One young man is dead, chased and shot in front of his girlfriend during a lunch date. Two other young men are going to spend many years in prison. And many others, including family and friends, must forever live with loss and grief in their hearts. All because of quick, terrible decisions.”

This is just another tragic story in the gang land violence that continues to plague this city today. With shootings continuing to arise from gang related issues, we have reached out to the Boston Police Department numerous times to attempt to gain more information on the active gangs within Boston and have yet to be provided with any useful information.