Chaos and Mayhem Continue to Plague Weekends on Carson Beach

Rowdy crowds of adults and juveniles have swarmed Carson Beach and Revere beach, causing mayhem for regular beachgoers throughout May and June. These hot months attract many visitors, but rampant criminal behavior turns a peaceful summer escape into an unsafe environment.

Last Sunday night – June 26, 2022 – Massachusetts State Troopers responded to multiple 911 calls reporting a rowdy crowd forming at Carson Beach in South Boston. Troopers arrived around 9 p.m. and were met with a crowd of teens vandalizing cruisers, and armed with “shank-like weapons”forcing Troopers to call for backup according to the State Police Association.

The President of the Association, Trooper Patrick McNamara said, “Silence is not the solution to this problem. This issue will continue to grow and the attacks on peace and civility will not stop until community leaders, public officials and the general public stand together to send a clear message: These actions are unacceptable and must end.

While attempting to control the crowd, one teenager climbed onto a Trooper’s cruiser, damaging the car. Another teenager was searched and found to possess a shank-like weapon. Both male individuals, ages 15 and 17, were arrested and face multiple charges for their actions.

Back at the end of May the Boston Police Superior Officers Federation, the Union for BPD middle management said in a statement, “This culture of socially accepted violence towards police is unacceptable. To have families and community members terrified to go to their local, neighborhood beach is pathetic and will not stand.”

This incident is not the first account of violence this summer. Beginning on May 22, Troopers responded to 911 calls for fights, disorderly and unruly behavior, fireworks, and underage drinking among other issues at both beaches. At one point the teens and young adults began assaulting officers and troopers with one of the troopers hats having been set on fire.

At Revere Beach, seven people — including four juveniles — were arrested last Saturday after five people were arrested the weekend before.

The next night, on May 23, 2022, Troopers had to dissolve another developing mob at Carson Beach. Many arrests were made on this night, and three arrests included individuals under the age of 15.

As for now, no real end seems to be in sight as the weather continues to heat up and more and more people flood the beaches. Mayor Wu has yet to take a stand as City Hall turns their back on the once beloved South Boston beach. For now, it seems as if the State and Boston Police are the only thing that stands in the way between a fun summer and utter and complete violent anarchy.