Lanita Cullinane Promoted by Boston Police to Superintendent of BFS

On Wednesday, June 29th, the Boston Police Department promoted Lanita Cullinane to Superintendent of the Bureau of Field Services. Superintendent-in-Chief Gregory Long and Mayor Michelle Wu announced this promotion, making her the first woman to ever serve this role.

Cullinane first started her career with the BPD in June of 1995, and worked in unit B-3 of Dorchester and Mattapan. She then went on to become an important member of the law enforcement community through a number of jobs. In 2001, she became a full-time instructor at the Boston Police Academy, and in 2006 was promoted to detective and worked in Recruit Investigations, Domestic Violence, Crimes Against Children and Human Trafficking Units. In 2012, Cullinane first started her work in the superintendents office by being selected to serve as the Outreach Coordinator for the Bureau of Investigative Services.

In 2016, her skills were needed in the Homicide unit, and her work there proved to be good as she was then promoted to Sergeant Detective in July 2018. Currently she is the Zone commander for six police districts and is the Commander of the Firearms Analysis Unit.

Cullinane’s good character is no question, as people around her praise the woman she is. Superintendent-in-Chief Gregory Long stated, “Throughout her career, Superintendent Cullinane has exemplified initiative, professionalism, integrity, and compassion,” “I look forward to watching Superintendent Cullinane as she leads the dedicated men and women of the Bureau of Field Services.”

Mayor Michelle Wu said “Superintendent Lanita Cullinane brings an extensive background working within several units and complex situations across multiple neighborhoods to ensure our residents have public safety support they need,”

With this role, Cullinane will be responsible for overseeing all uniformed officers within the Boston Police Department. She will ensure that community policing is implemented, and that the community is provided with effective and efficient police services.