Officers Crash Rager On Paysen Avenue After 911 Gun Call

Partygoers on the evening of July 11, 2022 met an abrupt ending to their night when District C-11 Detectives, Gang Unit, and tactical officers arrived at Paysen Avenue on Jones Hill.

At approximately 22:10 hours last night, July 11th, first responders received multiple 911 calls reporting at least one man with a gun at the house party. Upon arrival, the units were unable to locate the armed men. Instead, they found a rowdy street party with hundreds of young adults and teens.

The partygoers began vandalizing and throwing bottles at the responding cruisers and officers quickly called for more help. The decision was made to pull back and reform, eventually setting up a line to push and to funnel the crowd away from Payson Avenue. Eventually the crowd dispersed with luckily no major incidents. There are no reports of injury or arrests at this time.