Off-Duty Boston Firefighter Saves Baby in Hyde Park 2-Alarm Blaze

At approximately 07:10 hrs, Boston Fire Alarm Struck Box: 3835 for a reported building fire in the rear of 22 Norton Street in the Readville section of Hyde Park. As companies began responding from various fire houses, Fire Alarm advised them that they were “Receiving Calls”, Which typically indicates there is fire showing.

Engine 48 along with C26 arrived with minutes at 07:12 hrs and found heavy fire showing from the rear of an occupied multi-family home. On the orders of Firefighter Paris (C26) a second alarm was immediately struck. 

Car10 (District 10 Deputy Chief) assumed command upon his arrival and requested an Engine company to respond via Manila Ave to Chesterfield St. to access the fire from the rear. Engine 53 called off on Manila Ave and swiftly proceeded to stretch hose lines though the rear of neighboring yards to gain access.

Giving an update on the box, Car10 reported to Fire Alarm that there was heavy fire in the rear of the 2 1/2 story wood frame house that was extending, 6 lines were run and all companies were working. As the fire continued to progress towards the roof, a 24ft. ground ladder were requested in the rear of the building to access the fire where Engine 16 was working. At approximately 07:29 hrs, C7 (Division 2 Deputy Chief) took command of the scene and Car10 transitioned to Operations Chief.

With smoke and fire still pushing from every joint of the house Interior companies reported they were beginning to “open up” on the Bravo/Charlie Side of the building to gain access behind the walls to find fire. Simultaneously, as companies were opening up inside, companies were also doing so on the exterior both at ground level and on the roof.

As companies made an aggressive attack from all angles, they were able to knock down the fire and being overhauling and checking for extension. Companies began making up and detail companies, consisting of 1 Engine and 2 Ladders, were brought in to stand by and monitor for any missed hot spots.

 Due to the extreme heat and humidity outside, H1 (Safety Chief) requested Fire Alarm to make an announcement that all members that were outside of the building could remove their bunker gear to prevent heat exhaustion.

Prior to fire department arrival, an off duty Boston Firefighter, who lived in the same house as the fire building, is being credited for catching his neighbors baby from a second floor window. 

Boston Firefighters Local 718 President Sam Dillon speaking about the Member says “He was instrumental in rescuing his neighbors of the same house. Boston Firefighters protect life and property, on and off duty, and our Member did what we’ve come to expect, but should never take for granted from Firefighters. He answered the call.”

C7 Deputy Chief Malone briefed the media stating that a total of 7 people were displaced, 2 residents were transported by BostonEMS to the hospital, and the estimated damages were over $500,000. No firefighter injuries were reported. The fire is currently being investigated by the Boston Fire Department Fire Investigation Unit to determine the cause of the fire.