BPD Officers Place Suspect in Custody After Recovering Loaded Firearm During Investigation in Mattapan

At about 11:30 PM on Friday July 22, 2022, officers assigned to the BPD Youth Violence Strike Force made an onsite firearm arrest during an investigation in the area of 25 Michigan Avenue in Mattapan.

The officers were on patrol when they observed two motorized scooters operating in tandem riding directly towards them despite Michigan Avenue being a one-way street. Neither operator was wearing a helmet.

One of the riders proceeded onto the sidewalk and past the officer’s vehicle while the second rider, later identified as Jamall Joseph, 26, of Randolph, suddenly pulled his scooter onto the sidewalk, placed the kickstand down and began to walk away while ducking behind parked motor vehicles and continually looking back towards the approaching officers.

The officers were able to stop Joseph to inform him of the traffic infraction and helmet violation when they observed that the scooter did not have a functioning ignition or key inserted. Joseph appeared to be very nervous while speaking with the officers and was unable to provide any proof of registration or ownership of the vehicle.

Officers observed that the suspect appeared to continually look at the unsecured seat of the scooter. When the seat was lifted up, officers recovered a loaded 9mm Taurus 709 handgun from inside the under-seat storage compartment.

The suspect was placed in custody without incident and will appear in Dorchester District Court on charges of Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition and Carrying a Loaded Firearm.

Additionally, the suspect was issued a MA Uniform Citation for the above mentioned violations (One Way Violation, Helmet Violation, Unregistered Motor Vehicle). The motor scooter was towed from the scene following the conclusion of the investigation.